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What we do

We make individual things by hand to be worn and used. We use the soft natural shades of the fleece from our sheep – some we hand spin, the rest goes off to be spun up for us.

We dye the wool with plants and lichens that grow around us, as well as madder and indigo. We also use rainbow acid dyes. Sometimes we combine our own wool with silk to reflect the beauty of the light on the sea.

We make and sell:

  • Natural Grey knitting wool produced from our own Gotland sheep
  • Hand dyed kitting wool
  • Hand spun wool in a variety of natural shades and sizes
  • Knitted and crocheted hats, scarves, gloves and socks
  • Fine hand spun shawls
  • Hand-woven scarves, throws and bags
  • Felted cushions and bags

We also have a selection of locally made gifts, willow baskets, pottery and activity kits for children.

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