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We produce 100% natural grey wool exclusively from our flock of grey Gotland Sheep here on our croft at Cuaig.

Unlike synthetic fibres, wool quality varies depending on the breed and the individual sheep. Some breeds have long wool and others short, our Gotland sheep have wool that is long, soft and glossy. This high quality is due to the land that they graze, heather covered hills and seashore where seaweed is part of their diet.

Once a year in the summertime we gather them in and shear their fleece by hand. We have it spun into two thicknesses of wool, equivalent to an Aran and a four-ply.

We sell our wool by mail order as well as in our shop, if you would like samples please send us a stamped, self addressed envelope or if you would like to place an order please phone us.

100g ball 500g skein
Aran thickness
£12.00 £50.00

The Aran thickness can be knitted on a 4.5 mm needle (no. 7) and the four-ply on a 3.25mm needle (no. 10)

We charge postage according to the weight of wool you buy, so we can let you know the cost when you phone. We are also happy to give any advice on how much wool you might need to complete your knitting project.

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